When you sign seal and deliver the Deed Poll in the presence of our lawyer, we will affix a small red circle adhesive paper (or sticker) next to your signature to signify your “seal”. In the past, the seal is required to be in the form of red wax seal, but it is no longer required.

As you are signing a deed, which has no consideration, the seal has special significance, and currently required until and unless this practice is abolished (like in the case of England and Wales, which only requires to state that the deed is “executed as a Deed”.

Signing Overseas (Own Printing)

If you are signing the Deed Poll overseas and printing out the Deed Poll yourself, you may not have the red seal sticker readily available in the country of your stay.

As you are likely to sign before the Singapore Consulate Officer in the Singapore Embassy (or a Notary Public in the Notary Office), you may enquire with them if they have the red seal sticker available in their office before attendance.

If the small red circle sticker is not available in the aforesaid office, you may purchase from stationary shops red sticker and cut it into small red circle of 1.5 cm (15mm) diameter, and paste it where indicated in our document. A photo of the seal is attached.


Please refer to the attached Specimen Deed Poll on how to sign the Deed Poll overseas before a Singapore Consulate Officer or Notary Public.