This Offline Will (Singapore) Service (introduced in November 2004) is an extension of our Online Legal Services, allows you to download any of our Wills Offline Forms (in either word or pdf) from our websites (, or SG Lawyers Mobile App), and submit your duly completed Will via email, fax (65-6338 7678) or post or through our SG Lawyers Mobile App.

For submission through our SG Lawyers Mobile App, please take photos of your duly completed Wills Form with our “OFFLINE” feature of our SG Lawyers App.


As Will is highly confidential, please consider your mode of submission of your Will application to us. You agree to bear the inherent risk in unintentional leakage in submitting your Will application to us, whatever mode that you have selected.

Please review our Terms and Personal Data Protection & Privacy Policy and agree to them before you use our Offline service.

Mental Capacity

We will not accept any application where the Testator (person making the Will) has an apparent lack of mental capacity, and kindly ensure that the Applicant has the relevant mental capacity before making the application.

For elderly Testators, it is advisable to forward us in advance or on the date of appointment the medical certificate of the Testator. Notwithstanding such medical certificate, we reserve the right to reject any appointment.


Where the Testator is not conversant in English, we may explain the Will in Mandarin or Hokkien dialect (where applicable). Depending on the nature of instructions, we may reject the engagement at our absolute discretion if we are of the view we are unable to fully explain the Will in non-English language due to the complexity in the instructions.

Due Authority

If you are submitting the application for and on behalf of the Testator (eg. your father), please ensure that you have the express authority of the Testator to do so and there is no undue influence on your part.

Please be informed that we usually take instruction from the Testator alone on the appointment date, and exclude all other persons (save for exceptional circumstances).

Reservations of Rights

We take Wills drafting seriously, and reserve our right to reject any application without obligation to give any reason. We may reject the engagement at any time if our lawyer has observed that there is probable undue influence, lack of mental capacity and/or other disabilities.

If work has commenced and aborted due to our rejection of the engagement, we reserve the right to charge abortive fee at reasonable rate for work done. Please do not engage us if you do not agree to pay abortive fee as aforesaid.


Although the forms and their contents, design, layout, concept and formats are copyrighted to Loh Eben Ong LLP and, users may download the forms (in their most current version) and circulate them to others strictly for genuine purposes, provided that the forms remain in their original condition, and no alteration is permitted without our express written consent.